Visual Art

The Fight of Ferdiad and Cú Chulainn by James Fox

Ophelia’s Death by Presley Nassise

Werewolf by Abi Watson

The Death of Nana by Liz Tetu

Hades and Persephone by Sina Raeder

Hades and Persephone Sketch by Sina Raeder

Aphrodite Looks at Psyche and Cocks Her Head in Consideration by Re Guasco

Artemis and Lover (in Moonlight) by Storm Collins

The Light of My Eyes by Morgan Brette



Artemis, Violet Woman by Jason Gray

Ganymede’s Fall by Jason Gray

sharp GODS, knife SMILES, corroding KISSES by Kaavya Kshiraj and Lauren Bowcock



When Loving Mespyrian by Rachel May

A Woman in Three Parts by Rachel Sudbeck

Gemini by Shelby MC

Aries by Shelby MC